Learning Math Should Be Fun!

Math Supplies can differ greatly, in terms of scope of topic and complexity level. Math flash cards that teach kids how to count are ideal for pre-school children. However, those who need to learn the basic mathematical operations like addition and subtraction are required by students of the higher grade level.

Same goes for those who need to memorize the multiplication table, as well as the ones that teach students learn how to divide as accurately. There are many lessons in math that can be aided by these supplies. Examples of such topics are telling the time, shapes, counting money, and fractions, among others.

Incentives and Motivators

Children will definitely be more responsive and more motivated to excel with class room incentives, rewards, and motivators.. There are different classroom incentives that can be bought online for busy teachers who don’t have the time to create them. Simple items like a stamp pad would actually do – you can stamp the words ‘very good’ at the back of a child’s hand to laud her for a job well done.

Keeping school kids motivated to do better every single day is a teacher’s challenge. Try a classroom rewards system and watch your students competing healthily against each other. They all want to be the fastest learner in class if only to receive an item for you that they can proudly show off to other people. To see our vast line at unbeatable prices go to http://www.educationaltoysusa.com/Educational_Student_Incentives_s/2258.htm.

Discovery Spaceship And Lift Off Rocket By Hape Toys

Exploring Children will have loads fun playing with the Hape Discovery Spaceship and Lift Off Rocket. This amazing toy has two astronauts, a moving robot, land rover, moon crater and much more. It can be refueled by plugging in and unfolding the solar panel. The top of the rocket can be detached and used as a landing module. Check it out for a great price on our site here.

There are four levels on the ship with mission control, living compartments, laboratory and exercise room with levels connecting with an elevator. It is a magnificent source for kids to interact and develop social skills and motor skills and learn to recognize colors and objects. Kids will build their self-esteem with this safe and exciting toy. This Discovery Spaceship and Lift Off Rocket provide the fuel for imaginative explorations as children prepare, launch or arrive at their destination somewhere in the galaxy. The top of the rocket can become a landing module.We carry a full line of Hape and Educo Toys.

Social Studies Can Be Fun & Engaging

Even pre-school children are taught about social studies albeit in a much lighter manner. Teaching kids about  history, different cultures, and different parts of the world can be fun and exciting for kids of all ages. neighborhood qualifies under this subject. Our social studies supplies cover history, activity books, globes, economics, maps and map skills, character education, and much much more. Check our more on our site at tinyurl.com/amrypt9.

Showing them what a doctor, fireman, policeman, or a teacher looks like is introducing them to the people they are likely to encounter in the community that they live in. The concepts of school, home, and the neighborhood fall under this category too. Learning about the family and what constitutes it is social studies subject as well. Students are prepared to learn these things at a very young age. And the use of the social studies supplies that matches their grade level would help them understand the lessons they have at hand much better. Take a look at the social studies supplies available to school children and see if there’s something that your child can use.

Science Supplies: Uncover the Mysteries around You

 There’s no school subject more interesting than science. Science is the only one that touches on a wide range of topics. It teaches us about our bodies, the earth, the plants, animals, flowers, and everything else that you see around you.

Indeed, science helps us understand a lot of things. But what’s even more fascinating is the fact that even young school kids are expected to learn this subject. When toddlers are taught about the parts of the body parts, they are actually learning science; only, they don’t realize it just yet. And it is for these children that science supplies work best. These supplies are here to make the whole concept of science a whole lot of fun for them.

Newspaper Builders

Newspaper Builders is Green Recycle Construction Toy with Rod Tubes & Connectors. Go green with a new and innovative approach to building! Don’t toss out newspapers: recycle them to build incredible geometric sculptures!

Tape the included tubes to both ends of a sheet of newspaper. Roll up the newspaper and secure with tape to make a connecting paper rod. Includes durable plastic connectors that fit into the rods. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the guide to make a triangular pyramid, a square anti-prism or design your own creations!

Benefits of Classroom Charts

Teaching charts are a clearer and more creative way to teach K-12 topics and subjects. Our selection of classroom charts will be very helpful, because they have fun designs captivating children attention.

With the short attention span kids have, it is quite important for teachers to use more engaging tools to educate them. These charts will assure them that children will look, listen, and learn the subject matter as it is presented it to them. For more info check them our for yourself on our site.

K12 Educational and Classroom Supplies

Educational Toys USA is an educational supplies retailer who sells top of the line school supplies for that can be used with students from K-12. We only sale brand name products yet we are still able to provide them to you at some of the most affordable and reasonable prices that can be found. Check out our school store here. Some of the classroom supplies that we sale include:
ü     Bulletin Board Sets
ü     BB Mini Sets
ü     Charts
ü     Children’s Books
ü     Class Decorations
ü     Class Incentives
ü      And much more…

Zoo Animal Train Set

Choo- choo, moo, moo! Now your young train engineer can take an elephant and a tiger to the zoo or the circus, with a this Zoo Animal Train Set by Melissa and Doug. Eight pieces of circular track are a great way to start a wooden railway set or perfect to add to an existing Melissa & Doug train layout. Also compatible with other popular wooden railway systems.

Hape Eco Greenhouse

A little gardener can grow real small plants or herbs in this Eco Greenhouse. The breathtaking design of this modern eco-friendly greenhouse, made of this birch plywood and bamboo, allows gardeners to open the rooftop for planting and watering. Two sliding doors offer a second access to four double-walled, fully functional plastic trays that can be filled with earth and seeds. So that the plants can grow under optimum conditions, we recommend placing the greenhouse in a bright, warm place. Come visit our site for more quality toys by Hape.

Hape Rock-a-Bye Cradle

Rock "dolly" to sleep in this sturdy Hape Rock-a-Bye Cradle. Sing lullabies as your child rocks the cradle. Encourage your child to tell a bedtime story. This sturdy cradle includes a "mattress" and pillow and a curved bottom allowing dolly to rock to sleep.Hours of creative fun imitative and imaginary play, fantasy story telling, role playing, and creativity will result. Durable child safe paint finish and solid wood construction are hallmarks of Hape toys. Hape's toys stimulate children through every stage of development and help nurture and develop their natural abilities. All Hape products sold in North America meet or exceed all applicable safety standards.

Winther Foot Twister

This Foot Twister by Winther is a safe and durable ride-on toy that will provide your child with hours of active fun. This Foot Twister is propelled forward by the zigzag motion of your child's feet. This will improve your child's rhythm, technique and upper-body coordination while giving him a great workout. It is challenging but also a blast. This Foot Twister by Winther was designed with your child's safety in mind. It is constructed with a safe design featuring rounded-off shapes and no sharp edges, spokeless wheels with wide tires, and safety handlebar grips.

Peek a Shoe Talking Octopus

With the Peek-a-Shoe Talking Octopus from LeapFrog, your child can practice counting, listen to fun songs, and develop both hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The Peek-a-Shoe Talking Octopus helps toddlers and younger preschoolers learn and understand more about the world. Children build number recognition skills as they lift each shoe and hear its number spoken aloud. Fun learning songs help kids explore number order and counting, while the five brightly colored shoes expose them to color naming and recognition as they lift the shoes to play peek-a-boo. Dropping the balls into the Octopus's hat or arm and lifting the shoes to find them helps children build hand-eye coordination and both gross and fine motor skills.

Penguins on Ice

This cool Penguins on Ice set is great for introducing your child to the concept of hundreds and base ten. This set includes 10 ice bars with each ice bar holding 10 penguins. The bars connect either horizontally to forma number line or vertically to form a hundred grid. This versatile toy reinforces many math concepts including numbers, counting, sorting, patterns and operations.

Perplexus Epic

Unlike traditional flat-surface mazes which are made up of one path, this addictive Perplexus Epic houses various challenging tracks with 100 obstacles supplying an irritating three-dimensional experience. Perplexus Epic is really a maze game where players maneuver a little marble around challenging obstacles in the transparent sphere.

Players choose the track they wish to attempt and should use gravity to softly change, switch, and twist the sphere to steer the marble. Players can race one another or even the clock. Perplexus Epic will entertain both children and adults alike as they think in 360 degrees, exercise their fine motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination. This one is a real brain workout for the entire family.

Wooden Car Carrier

Put your child in the driver's seat (not the real one!) with the wooden Car Carrier from Melissa & Doug. This is a simple, classic toy that's irresistible for kids who love everything on wheels: the carrier has two tiers, and the top level swings down to load up. Your child will have a ball loading the four included cars on and off, and "driving" his truck around. The Melissa & Doug Car Carrier's trailer can be hooked and unhooked from the cab – it's simple enough for small children to do on their own, too. The included cars are compatible with wooden train tracks, adding to the Car Carrier set's play value.

Tilt Teetering Logic Game

Tilt and slide your way to success with this dynamic multi-challenge maze game! Tilt the game board back and forth, and left and right to navigate the green sliders through the center exit hole while at the same time preventing the blue sliders from dropping into the hole. This brain game will improve your dexterity and planning skills. This game includes 40 challenges ranging from beginner to expert which makes it great for the entire family.

Fold & Go Barn by Melissa & Doug

Young MacDonald could only wish for a farm like this! Cheerfully colored in bright red and sky blue, the Fold and Go Barn opens up to reveal a rustic barn with sliding doors, large stalls, stable doors and a hayloft. Little ones will delight in moving the horse, cow, sheep, goat, pig, dog and turkey in and out of stalls and around the barnyard. When playtime is over, just stash the animals inside the barn, fold and store. A convenient carrying handle makes this a must-have toy for families on the go.

Pound N Play

Babies will love to pound away at this interactive Pound N Play toy set! Using the easy grip hammer to pound the four funny-faced balls through the holes is a fabulous way to reinforce coordination and motor skills. Once each ball is pounded through, it falls onto the secret ramp and back to the front where a mirror is perfectly placed to catch baby's attention for more pounding fun. Let your baby take a whack at the Pound ‘N Play from International Playthings! The Pound N’ Play pounding bench is a great way for children to amuse themselves, practice their motor skills, experiment with cause and effect, and perhaps work out some extra energy.
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