Zoob Mover Power Building Set

The ZOOBMover Power Building Set adds a new dimension to open-ended building. Kids snap, click, and pop ZOOB pieces onto the ZOOBMover to create anything they can imagine--from creatures to robots to sculptures. When they're done building, they make their creations move with the remote control unit. And because ZOOB pieces move after kids put them together, they can transform their creations or take them apart and build new ones, over and over again. The ZOOBMover is an ideal add-on to existing ZOOB collections, but it includes plenty of pieces for first-time ZOOB builders too.

Ultra Stomp Rocket

There is nothing better for your child then the Ultra Stomp Rocket which allows kids to be very creative and have a great time! Watch the faces of sheer delight when enthralled by this kids' toy, an adult gives the toy a hefty stomp and sends the toy rocket whooshing 200 feet skyward! Kids naturally find creative ways to have fun with the launch pads and rockets - angling the launcher to hit designated targets, competing for distance, carrying the launcher and launching rockets on the run, coming up with different ways to stomp - two foot hops, running leaps, stair jumps, a cartwheel stomp, a backwards run stomp… Give it a month and you’ll agree - the variations are endless. Take a Stomp Rocket to an event and kids line up for a turn. If a child is able to stomp- they can give this projectile power. The grins are from ear to ear when they make it fly. Stomp Rockets get children moving. Not only do kids stomp them, it’s a race to go retrieve them as well!

My First Drum

This First Drum has a real drum sound for your first drum! Consistently a best seller due to quality sound and safety. This includes two one-piece child safe mallets and a plastic head which contributes to a real drum sound. This is a great drum for their first musical band. Colorful and attractive graphics on drum shell. Safe for ages +12 months.

Monster Truck

Your toddler will enjoy playing make believe with this Monster Truck. This dump truck is designed so that it is easily manipulated by little hands for exciting dumping and loading. This truck is made for indoor and outdoor use and can be used with sand and gravel. This stimulating toy is made from a durable plastic that is easy for children to handle. Come over to out site to check this out as well as other toy cars and trucks.

Brainstring R

With this Brainstring R your brain will be twisted in knots, until you solve it. Brainstring R is just as knotty as the original, but features a movable ball with a 360° spin that will have you on the ropes. Twist, turn, stretch and slide the puzzle in all directions to unravel the tightly wound knot. This will enhance your child's fine motor skills and spatial thinking. Once the strings are completely separated, the puzzle is solved - no strings attached.

Fantacolor Junior

This Fantacolor Junior is perfect as your child’s first peg board. It includes 48 chunky, easy-to-grasp pegs and 16 accompanying large picture cards. The pictures slide behind the clear plastic peg board, and kids can match their pegs to the colors in the picture, or create their own designs and patterns. This is great for developing their fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. After playtime is over, all of the pieces can be stored inside the tray, which also has a convenient carrying handle. Because the pieces are too large to be a choking hazard, toddlers can have the chance to practice their developmental skills, all while feeling very grown up, with this safer version of the older children’s toy.

Pic 'N Pop

This is the precursor to Mom's vacuum cleaner. This Pic N Pop toy is a great popper unit which gets your children on the move! This great toy lets children launch balls from the chute with the click of the button and then roll over the ball and magically pick up the ball! Then the fun can start all over again! This toy is a great addition to your little one's toy box and can be used indoors and out.


Named 2010 Toy of the Year when it was first introduced in the Netherlands, SmartMax is the magnetic discovery concept that allows children, even from a very early age, to experience both the wonders of magnetism and the fascinating world of construction in a safe way. The extra-large pieces make it easy for small children to manipulate them.

The magnets have the ideal strength for easy assembly and breakdown of constructions. Outstanding, colorfully-illustrated guides in each set demonstrate the basics of magnetic phenomena, ways to strengthen structures, steps in building towers and bridges, and much more. Most importantly, children thrive on the creative satisfaction of dreaming up their own wonderfully imaginative magnetic assemblies!

ImagiPlanks-Infinite Playgroud

ImagiPlanks is the advanced wooden building set for young builders. With ImagiPlanks you can build indoors or outdoors breathtaking and fun structures and then have hours of endless play on your very own playground! The building options are endless.

We are couldn't have been happier to announce that Imagi Planks are made here at home in the USA!
Kids will have fun for hours moving the planks around to build forts, playhouses, slides, see-saws, towers, bridges and more. This is one building toy that all children love as its possibilities for play are limitless! 


Squap is the newest catch and throw toy on the market.

Place the ball into the specialized Squap mitt and quickly open your hand. Watch the ball launch and then soar through the air to a friend who catches it by snapping the Squap mitt closed around the ball. Play it with friends or by yourself against a wall – indoors or outside. Kids will love this cool, active game.

Comes with two snap traps and four balls. Clever design - the mitt holds the balls inside when not in use.


A rocking chair, a spinning top, a cradle, or a tunnel - children create countless uses for the award-winning Bilibo, both indoors and out.

Children have an indefatigable talent for finding unusual uses for their toys or, more inconveniently, finding interesting new uses for your property – mostly at the exact same time that you need it. If you have given a present and found that the kids play more with the box or, like me, have despaired at spending Christmas Day watching the children use the tubes from the tinfoil and the wrapping paper as swords, whilst ignoring all their carefully selected, non-violent toys, the perfect present has arrived.

This shell is made of high density polyethylene which is shock-resistant, weather-proof, food safe, completely recyclable and comes in six bright colors. Bilibo is big enough that kids of different ages can sit in it comfortably. All this, and friendly too -Bilibo has two holes at the side which look like eyes and give the appearance of a smiling face on the shell. This is a great toy for your fun-seeking explorer!

SmartMax Basic Stunt

Your child will be attracted to this Smartmax Basic Stunt set, a set comprised of exciting Smartmax magnetic pieces. He will be able to build and pull apart his creations with ease and play for hours of endless creative fun. With this SmartMax Basic Stunt Magnetic Discovery Set he can create stunt cars, ramps, towers, and obstacle courses.

Building with the SmartMax Basic Stunt magnetic building set introduces your child to basic scientific concepts, as it expands his creativity and refines his fine motor skills.  The rules are simple: cold colors attract hot colors, and hot colors attract cold colors. Cold-colored pieces repel other cold-colored pieces; hot-colored pieces repel other hot-colored pieces.

Because the SmartMax Basic Stunt Set is designed for very young builders, the manufacturers went to great lengths to ensure your child’s safety: the gray metal balls are 1.8” in diameter, much too large to swallow, and the bars are sonic-welded to keep magnets safely inside. This is a great toy for little ones who love cars, trucks and adventure!


 Let it snow any time anywhere! Just add water and the Insta-Snow powder instantly erupts into amazing artificial snow that looks and feels like the real thing. Technically, it’s a super-absorbent polymer (if you really want to know), but it looks and feels like the real thing. It’s so realistic that it’s being used in indoor snowboarding parks and by special effects artists in movies. Once you start playing with the stuff, you just can’t put it down.

Makes two gallons of fluffy instant snow in seconds. Includes mixing instructions, science explanation and measuring scoop to mix-up a perfect batch every time.

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